How To Practise A Weblog On Blogspot (2018)

How to Create a Blog on Blogger - Usually, beginners who are the start fourth dimension to come inwards the footing of blogging, don't desire to pass uppercase to practise a blog, in addition to that's fine considering they are new.

There are fifty-fifty professional person bloggers who all the same usage complimentary services for their blogs.

Currently, at that spot are many blogging platforms that offering to practise blogs for free, such every bit,,, in addition to at that spot are all the same several other platforms.

However, in addition to are the 2 almost pop in addition to almost widely used complimentary spider web log services.

Especially inwards Indonesia, to a greater extent than people usage services to practise complimentary blogs. Besides beingness practical in addition to slow to create, has also been integrated amongst Google services.

This Blogger service is commonly also referred to every bit Blogspot because the complimentary spider web log address created on volition usage the subdomain.

So, for those of yous who are simply starting blogging, it never hurts to endeavor using this 1 spider web log service.

How to practise a spider web log on

First of all, earlier creating a complimentary blog, yous must practise a Google account. If yous already direct maintain it, simply opened upward in addition to log inwards using your Google account.

After logging in, yous volition travel given 2 profile options that volition travel displayed.

The start selection displays the Blogger profile, piece the 2nd selection displays the Google Plus profile. My recommendation, simply select the selection that displays Google Plus profiles.

If yous direct maintain previously created a Google Plus profile, yous tin become straight to Blogger.

On the side past times side screen, click on “Create your blog” push in 1 trial to a greater extent than to launch your start blog.

Later the display volition seem every bit shown below. This stride has entered the phase of blogging.


Write the lift of the spider web log to your liking. Make a lift every bit interesting every bit possible, non likewise long in addition to slow when spoken or pronounced, thus that visitors volition easily retrieve your blog.

The maximum divulge of words recommended for spider web log names is 2 words.

For example, "Fashion Blog".

It's non pleasant to listen if your blog's lift is similar "The Latest Fashion Blog". The divulge is likewise long to travel used inwards a spider web log name.


Make an address according to the lift of the blog. This aims to brand visitors easily retrieve the blog.

For example, the lift of your spider web log is "Fashion Blog" thus it would travel improve if the spider web log address is made "fashionblog.blogspot [dot] com".

So visitors solely necessitate to retrieve the lift "Fashion Blog" solely when they desire to access your blog.

Then, yous also direct maintain to depository fiscal establishment tally the availability of the spider web log address. Make certain the address yous wrote is all the same available or non used past times others. If mortal else has already used it, in addition to then yous direct maintain to uncovering a novel address name.

Template provides several spider web log views that tin travel used for free. Please select a display that suits your taste.

After the 3 things inwards a higher house are complete, in addition to then click "Create Blog", in addition to finish.

Your spider web log is at nowadays complete.

Understand menus on

After successfully creating a spider web log on, in addition to then yous necessitate to empathise the functions of the menus on

This aims to larn inwards easier for yous to direct maintain attention of the spider web log inwards the future.

The menus on Blogger are located on the left side of the dashboard. The next is an explanation of the functions of each carte on

List of blogs owned
If yous direct maintain to a greater extent than than 1 blog, on the overstep carte side past times side to the lift of the blog, yous tin run across in addition to select the spider web log that yous direct maintain created.

New Entry
The business office of this carte is to practise the latest articles or posts.

This carte serves to display a listing of articles on the blog.

This carte serves to display the statistics of your blog, such every bit the divulge of impressions, divulge of visitors, the source of visitors.

This carte serves to display a listing of comments on the blog.

This carte plant when yous desire to promote your spider web log through Google Ads (Previously Google Adwords). Need to pay if yous desire to usage this service.

This carte serves to practise in addition to display a listing of pages on your blog.

This carte functions to accommodate the layout of the blog. You tin install spider web log widgets such every bit category widgets, the almost pop ship service widgets, the latest ship service widgets, in addition to thus on.

This carte serves to supplant the spider web log template (view). You tin also usage this carte to edit the appearance of your spider web log directly.

Function to modify the lift of the blog, address, language, in addition to thus on.

That's the tutorial on how to practise a spider web log on Blogger.

It's easy, isn't it ...?

If at that spot are whatever parts that yous don't empathise from this tutorial, delight travel out a query inwards the comments column.

Don't forget Wak, percentage it amongst your friends.

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