Renc: Blockchain Based Car Sharing Platform

Adroitly, the digital currency as well as the blockchain project design are progressive. Be that equally it may, on the off risk that it is an issue, it is equally yet an early on improvement arrange. On the off risk that the cryptographic money showcase turns out to hold upward to a greater extent than famous as well as advanced, afterwards on, it is normal that in that location is a potential for novel undertakings as well as evolution peculiarly inwards the rental direction advertise that expands the selections of buyers as well as inwards add-on the full general exchanging market. It is an extremely appealing thing for novel companies as well as fiscal specialists.

While the digital money advertises is equally yet non certainly knew, it rearranges complex substitution strategies, (for example, taking aid of security issues as well as verification techniques) as well as disperses exchanges as well as contracts as well as installment techniques coming almost because of these. We trust that the utilization of encryption project design volition increment.

Likewise, the achievement of the cryptographic money advertise subject on the blockchain project design relies upon advertisement because of the evolution of the base, which ensures the exactness, strength, as well as accommodation of exchanges. With regards to this marketplace position esteem, The requirement for decentralized foursquare anchor project design has risen to brand an opened upward encryption money that tin hold upward utilized to encourage an assortment of exchanges inwards the rental direction showcase as well as to empower them to hold upward utilized whenever, anyplace.

About RENC

For this reason, RentalCurrency (RENC) Coin is a specific foursquare chain demand almost local gathering situated inwards Seoul as well as Singapore, a gathering of specialists who creates rental administrations that tin plough over benefits yesteryear enhancing the lives of purchasers, We guide hold built upward a platform to run across our needs as well as are e'er moving upward to brand a tenable money that everybody tin trust. Such a foursquare chain platform is fundamentally founded on ethereum blockchain innovation, as well as astute contract operate is essentially arranged to anchor security equally indicated yesteryear utilization examples as well as exchanges of unlike customers, as well as the describe programming dialect.

RENC tin hold upward stored, utilized as well as exchanged through a decentralized, foursquare tied e-wallet as well as encoded cash merchandise do goodness with the goal that it tin guide hold a balanced out swapping scale. RENC tin hold upward utilized yesteryear whatever private who is skilful or nonprofessional to concentrate as well as substitution the advantages of RENC encryption cash, to advance all the rental direction exchanges the basis over, to get together resources esteem as well as to plough over comfort as well as payoff to appropriate whenever as well as anyplace It volition hold upward the regulation methods for preparing.

The RentalCurrency platform manufactures as well as conveys a worldwide, decentralized scheme of shared advantages for all clients, as well as effortlessness, security, toll reserve funds, speed, as well as unwavering character are vital. To accomplish this objective, the RENC digital currency platform opens every 1 of the sources to hold upward utilized yesteryear anybody intrigued yesteryear the marketplace position to hold upward a security wallet, outflow together merchandise framework, as well as stable conversion scale from the flavor of a plan. Building trust inwards these RENC digital forms of money is of main significance. Through the accompanying plans, nosotros demand to clarify the fundamental highlights of the framework, including the platform construction as well as role rules. We volition too accept a gander at the fate of the platform, as well as accept a gander at the arranged extra highlights as well as highlights, as well as the potential advantages of creative innovation.

The Need for RENC

To pursue the starting fourth dimension vision of Satoshi, Bitcoin required a groovy bargain of clients. Be that equally it may, inwards spite of the fact that Bitcoin as well as other major digital currencies guide hold an expansive mass of exchanges, their utilization is confounded, enabling clients as well as administrators to effectively await as well as coordinate encryption as well as money project design in that location is a considerable mensurate of challenges. As indicated yesteryear most sentiments, bitcoin as well as other key cryptographic forms of money are to a greater extent than oftentimes than non precarious as well as hazardous. Subsequently, it isn't appealing to clients who demand to substitution each day.

Despite the fact that the novel night chain project design as well as cryptographic forms of money guide hold risen equally of late, aught has yet been effectively promoted. Models contain negative pictures, anticipated air pockets, extortion, as well as complex interfaces. Likewise, hacking as well as digital assaults on merchandise platforms guide hold added vulnerability to this novel innovation.

For reasons unknown, retailers as well as specialist organizations are non authoritatively receiving substitution strategies due to vulnerability almost misfortune, value unpredictability, administrative issues, as well as and hence on alongside the trading of digital forms of money. Notwithstanding the absence of the board, advertising, as well as monetary abilities, this vulnerability is a motivation behind why engineers as well as clients can't include the capacities required for scrambled cash project design or scale upward comprehensively.

In spite of the fact that digital money tin mayhap hold upward perceived equally a worldwide substitution technique, it is equally yet a affair of concern. Numerous fiscal specialists utilize digital forms of money to procure fast returns, as well as hence costs vacillate broadly as well as the availability to the full general population is nonetheless low, requiring stable cash costs. Accordingly, but a constant flow of digital currency volition enable everyday clients as well as retailers to turn a profit yesteryear the foursquare chain as well as diminish rapidly changing cash esteem misfortunes.

In actuality, individuals purchase, move, as well as impart fundamental items. The RentalCurrency (RENC) platform gives an incorporated commercial pump to networks, administrators as well as clients to impart as well as associate. Specialist co-ops as well as administrators tin advance as well as extend their items as well as benefits as well as empower clients to effectively detect as well as purchase the items as well as administrations they need.


RENC blockchain is a vehicle that tin hold upward imparted to individuals inwards unlike requirements. Carpooling, Ridesharing, Car sharing, Bike sharing is an approach to spare the basis from fiscal as well as natural issues subject on sharing accord. The objective is to add together to the shared evolution of mankind.

The RENC Platform expands as well as builds upward a vehicle sharing administration, makes a worldview inwards a sharing economy, as well as guarantees that all buyers are protected, with no risk as well as careful substitution verification, P2P settlement, as well as quick as well as helpful decentralized exchanges through keen contracts. It is a methodical stage 

RentalCurrency looks to address the key issues of cryptographic money, including value instability, settled money supply, as well as encryption cash genuine role confinements. 

Our definitive objective is to brand a decentralized province of affairs to streamline a large number of clients, plough over organized as well as company specialized help, as well as guarantee to a greater extent than advantageous exchanges. In similar manner, it is reasonable to construct upward a worldwide foursquare tying framework that tin substitution products as well as enterprises, appropriate benefits, as well as merchandise unlike estimations of rental administrations through private keen substitution innovation.

We watch the RENC phase equally versatile as well as hence it tin larn inwards a safe, effectively opened upward commercial pump as well as hold upward utilized without limitations on administration. We additionally grasp changes inwards the novel economical as well as budgetary catamenia to guarantee that the RENC phase keeps on beingness a practical framework

With the goal for advertisement to occur, the estimation of the benefits beingness exchanged must hold upward steady as well as unsurprising. The RENC phase was planned inwards lite of these ideas. RENC too offers answers for issues, for example, value unpredictability inwards electrical current monetary forms, deficient money sums inwards twenty-four hr catamenia yesteryear twenty-four hr catamenia life, settled money render (on interest, etc.

The monetary resources of the RENC phase are token = coins as well as the soundness of these benefits gives security to specialist co-ops as well as clients. Our phase is furnished with computerized expansion as well as flattening command systems to guarantee value steadiness progressively exchanging. With this innovation, items as well as administrations volition guide hold the capacity to hold upward dispersed without confinements as well as volition operate equally a digital money yesteryear dispensing with the acquaint flimsiness

The RENC money is an interest-based resource. Be that equally it may, the coins to hold upward conveyed volition hold upward changed inwards accordance with hold upward appropriated decently as well as fairly to the network. Little independently employed inwards the RENC phase volition hold upward offered access to tokens, monetary forms, coins, trades, installments, incomes from render development, benefits, etc. At the destination of the day, nosotros focus on all exercises that brand digital money to a greater extent than helpful as well as beneficial.

The RENC grouping volition curvature over backward to brand the phase to a greater extent than prevalent as well as good known. As such, seeking after the security of benefits as well as making them to a greater extent than advantageous to utilize. We volition plough over a phase to the long haul, settled salary instead of a "spending as well as expending" everyday activity, as well as volition comply with the fundamental standards of esteeming resources esteem for all clients some the globe.


Total Token Supply  : 1,000,000,000 RENC
Token on ICO :  100,000,000 RENC 
Token on Sale :  60,000,000 RENC
Initial Price of Token :  1 RENC = 0.001 ETH

1st Token Sale

15,000 ETH

Rate : 1 ETH = 1,000 RENC + Bonus 25%
Until Dec 26


In the future, RENC volition exceed away along with farther advancement of our wallet application for iOS as well as Android, as well as volition hold upward advanced with scrambled cash that tin hold upward rapidly overhauled to the stage. 

With abide by to the evolution of RENC's market, it is equally per the following.

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